Brand history

"Tantos" brand was created by a team of experienced specialists completely understanding the requirements which modern equipment should meet. The developers' knowledge and skills have transformed into the most advanced solutions.

To be chosen for TANTOS brand, equipment should meet the following requirements:

  • To be on the edge of technological progress:
    We are convinced that our clients deserve to get the most innovative technologies
  • To possess optimal price/quality ratio:
    Our customers should receive maximum value for the money spent on TANTOS products.
  • To be easy in mounting, adjusting and use:
    Every small detail matters to us. All the installation and adjusting procedures are oversimplified for installers, and the interface is friendly for the end-user.
  • To have at least 30 000 hours of lifetime in the most severe environment:
    Our products are intended for Russia and therefore can function successfully both in polar and subtropical climate.
  • To have elegant modern design:
    We never forget that users of our systems have to look at them every day. Therefore our equipment is carefully designed to harmoniously match the surrounding interior.

"Tantos" is optimal solution.